Rehoming advice: Finding a new home for your cat

Here are some tips to rehoming your cat without going through a shelter:

  1. Word of mouth. Ask friends and relatives if they know anyone interested in adopting a cat or if they are looking for a kitty themselves.
  2. Social media. Post information and photos on your social media pages to let your friends know about your cat; encourage them to share your post with others.
  3. Great marketing. Create a compelling flyer with photos of your cat. Show and describe your cat’s great personality traits, as well as any challenges he/she may have. Post this flyer on trusted community boards and at pet supply stores, veterinary offices and your neighborhood NextDoor platform.
  4. Ask for an adoption fee. Asking a fee will not deter good families from inquiring about your cat, and it may stop unscrupulous individuals from responding to your ad. Don’t be shy about asking questions when you speak with potential adopters. You want to make sure your cat goes to a great home. Ask about children, other pets in the home, whether they have ever had a cat before, are they prepared for a cat’s medical needs. Consider your cat’s best interests: request a vet reference, and meet potential adopters in person at a public place after you’ve spoken with them.
  5. See your vet. Make your cat desirable to adopters by getting a current cat health exam. Other vet care that can help your cat find a new home includes spay/neuter, getting your cat current on vaccinations, have your cat tested for FeLV and FIV; groom your cat and trim your cat’s nails; only adopt out kittens once they are full weaned and at least 10 weeks old. A cat who is already spayed/neutered and vaccinated has a greater chance to find a new home!

Surrendering to a shelter

It’s important to note that many municipal and county shelters are only able to assist with lost and found animals. Many animal organizations, including Sun Cities 4 Paws, may have a waiting list or appointment-only process for bringing cats into the shelter and cannot accept walk-ins. If you are interested in surrendering to Sun Cities 4 Paws, please click the link for our surrendering policies

Adopt-a-Pet also has a rehoming option where you can place your cat(s) and they will be seen by people in your area looking for a cat. Just click the box to be taken to their site for info on how the process works.


Additionally, you can try contacting other shelters/rescues in the area. There are some listed under the “Other Organizations” tab in the Resources section.

Sun Cities 4 Paws has many permanent shelter residents. We have a ‘Sponsor a Shelter Resident’ program to help offset costs. Read more here or donate here and choose Sponsor a Shelter Cat from the drop down menu.

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