April kitten foster story

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Kitten Foster Spotlight April 2021: Amy
How long have you been fostering for Sun Cities 4 Paws? 4 years Why did you choose to become a foster? I have two teens that both love animals and we saw a need and wanted to help. We love cats and want to help kittens learn and grow until they could find a forever family. We foster bottle babies and abandoned kittens.

In your opinion, what are some of the rewards of being a foster? I’d say the biggest reward is knowing we saved a life. We know so many animals get abandoned or taken to shelters through no fault of their own. We work so hard to love them like their mother would and to teach them anything we can to help them adapt and have good kitty manners. Having an excited friend to greet you is the best!

Has/have there been any certain foster(s) that may have had a special place in your heart more than others? If so, why? Every litter has at least 1 kitten that was hard to let go of. I’d say the little sick babies we spend so much time caring for day and night have been those we think of the most. There is a deep bond made with a little one you are trying to save. Our Mei and Gingerbread have a part of our hearts forever with them in their happy forever homes. We think of our Ponyo as well.

The kitten that holds my heart the most is my sweet Washington. Washington was in a litter of 5 babies that wouldn’t have made it without 4 Paws. They came in at 2 weeks old, starving, underweight, sick and with ringworm. While all 5 hold a special place in our hearts, he stole mine. For the entire 6 months we were blessed with him, he was my sidekick. His mellow personality and crazy spunk brought so much joy. I am sure he is in his forever family and they love him like I did. That is what fostering is about, a loving stop before their forever home.

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