Senior Foster Program

We get many senior cats due to the retirement area we are in. Many of these older cats are healthy and adoptable, but some have medical issues that will require various types of medications, extra vet visits and more care. We are considering these older cats, 14 years and up, to be eligible for the Senior Foster Program based on both their age and/or medical condition (other older cats with medical issues will be determined eligible by our medical staff and Board). This is where you come in. We are looking for “Senior” fosters to take these cats into their homes and care for them based on each cat's specific needs. Sun Cities 4 Paws will cover medications and/or specialty food if needed, and veterinary visits as needed or requested.

The specific goal of the Senior Foster Program is to provide a safe and loving home outside of the shelter environment, in turn freeing up space for us to save more lives.

Senior foster home requirements:

-Be able to give medications as needed (you will be educated on how to administer any needed medications)
-Be able to watch for signs that a medication is not working or there is another issue we need to know about and schedule a vet visit
-Be able to bring the cat (in a carrier) to the Peoria location for vet visits as requested by our vet. This varies depending on the cat's medical needs.
-Be able to bring the cat in and drop the cat off if a specialist visit is required
-Be able to recognize the signs of decline in older cats and contact us.
-Be able to foster the cat long term.

Interested in providing a home for a senior foster cat? Click the link below to fill out our mini application and our senior foster coordinator will contact you.

Sun Cities 4 Paws has many permanent shelter residents. We have a ‘Sponsor a Shelter Resident’ program to help offset costs. Read more here or donate here and choose Sponsor a Shelter Cat from the drop down menu.

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