Mandated community service

If you wish to volunteer to fulfill court-ordered community service; please see the mandated service info for details. Please contact us via email at and tell us the following:

  1. Number of hours needed
  2. When service needs to be completed
  3. Days and times you are available
  4. Court mandated community service volunteers may or may not have contact with shelter animals or the public. Community service volunteers may assist with:
  5. Laundry (washing, folding, sorting)
  6. Washing dishes
  7. Washing/disinfecting animal crates and litter boxes
  8. Cleaning/disinfecting animal kennels
  9. Sweeping, mopping, and other janitorial duties
  10. Special projects as assigned

Please note that 4 Paws does not accept those convicted of the following crimes. All other charges will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Animal neglect/abuse
  2. Crimes of a sexual nature
  3. Drug charges
  4. Theft
  5. Violent crimes
  6. Weapons charge

Sun Cities 4 Paws has many permanent shelter residents. We have a ‘Sponsor a Shelter Resident’ program to help offset costs. Read more here or donate here and choose Sponsor a Shelter Cat from the drop down menu.

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