Kitten Foster Stories


Foster care providers are a lifeline for many, many kittens. Without fosters, we could not help the countless kittens, pregnant females, and moms and babies we get phone calls and emails about every single day. During a typical kitten season (which is almost year round here in Arizona), we take in over 500 kittens . Without fosters, we would not be able to help all these kittens. Sun Cities 4 Paws appreciates and is grateful for all of our foster care providers and would like to start introducing them to you. After all, they are the main reason we are able to save so many cats and kittens each year. Each kitten that we send to foster care is another life saved and another kitten that would grow up and continue to contribute to the overpopulation issue in Maricopa County. Each kitten we intake is tested, vaccinated and sterilized prior to adoption, ensuring that we are doing our part to break the cycle of homeless cats and kittens. For information on kitten fostering, please contact

First foster story:

Hi, I am Ninette and I have been volunteering at Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue for three years. I have been fostering since March of 2019. I chose to become a foster after I had been volunteering at the shelter - cleaning and socializing - and saw the need for fosters for the pregnant cats being brought in. There was not enough space at the shelter and there was a need for fosters to place all that were coming in. And who wouldn't want kittens?!

What are the rewards of fostering?

It is very rewarding to have a family project of growing great cats. My family fosters with the goal of helping kittens learn to be friendly, fearless and playful. It is so much fun to watch them grow and "learn to cat". The daily kittens shenanigans are endlessly entertaining. I also get satisfaction knowing that, for the fosters in my home, they are safe, warm and fed and will always be cared for. We prefer to foster mama cats with her kittens or weaned kittens. Many blessings to those dedicated fosters of bottle babies. I think of you often when I wake in the middle of the night and can roll over and go back to sleep.

Are there any special fosters that stand out to you?

We fall fully and completely in love with each cat and kitten that we have fostered. They each have their own personality and quirks and each member of my family has their favorites. Letting them go when they are ready for adoption is the hardest part and my heart breaks - but also soars. Somebody is going to adopt an awesome "shelter" cat to share their life with and I get to help save more kittens. We've lost a few to kitten diseases and those will always hold a special place in my heart. My favorites tend to be the "velcro" cats - the ones who always want to be held or get attention and circle your feet when you walk. The most recent is one I called "Face" because his face was just the cutest. I have a new crew now of a mama cat and her six kittens and so my productivity with everything else has dropped because they are such irresistible time thieves!
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Late in 2015, a white/gray cat was found on side of road riddled with BB’s. This cat was cared for by a lady until late 2016 when the cat was brought to Sun Cities 4 Paws to see if we could help.... Read More
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