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Renovation at the Peoria Shelter!

While we are still working towards expanding our Peoria shelter location to give us more space and more capacity to care for the cats and kittens, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been waiting for (and still are) approval from the city on a few things, architectural plan adjustments and building permits. This project will be a go, but we also have to dot all our “i’s” and cross all our “t’s” to ensure everything is done correctly.

Meanwhile we have decided to move forward with the renovations that are needed inside the current building. This will include updating and upgrading the ventilation systems in numerous areas, adding some interior windows and updating some outside windows, painting the interior and exterior of the building, new cat enclosures, adding some additional cat enrichment options and generally making the shelter a better place for the cats and kittens to be until they find adoptive homes. The current estimates from our contractors have come in at $40,000.

This is where you, our supporters and friends come in. Sun Cities 4 Paws is putting up $20,000 towards these improvements and we are asking for your help to reach our goal of $40,000. We offer many ways to donate: in person via cash or check, by mailing in a check, via our website here: https://bit.ly/PeoriaRenov or via our Facebook Fundraiser on our Facebook page.

We know times are tough due to the pandemic, that is the reason we are in need of help ourselves. Every dollar will help us reach our goal. Every share from our Facebook page will help too. Do you work for a large company that gives in-kind donations? Or a company that might be willing to donate? Please ask them and if they do, have them contact info@4pawsrescue.org.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and we will update you on our progress as we have new info to share.

Thank you from all of us at Sun Cities 4 Paws!

4 Paws is no kill, non-profit, volunteer, tax-exempt organization. Our mission is to rescue cats in the Sun Cities area; to provide temporary care either in foster homes or in a permanent shelter for such animals, while facilitating their adoption in appropriate homes; to cooperate with other organizations dedicated to the rescue and care of homeless animals, and to work for humane solutions to the problem of pet overpopulation.

Income is derived from adoptions, memberships, thrift store sales, fundraising events, and bequests. For information on how you can help support us and save homeless animals call 623-876-8778

Watch our new video showing who we are and what we do.

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Late in 2015, a white/gray cat was found on side of road riddled with BB’s. This cat was cared for by a lady until late 2016 when the cat was brought to Sun Cities 4 Paws to see if we could help.... Read More
Youngtown Shelter
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11129 W Michigan Ave
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Peoria Shelter
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10807 N 96th Ave
Peoria, AZ 85345

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